Simona De Rosa

simona de rosa

Simona De Rosa (PhD) works in T6 Ecosystems where she is Director of the “Media and Creative Industries Research Department” leading policy analysis and impact assessment activities within research projects mainly funded by the European Commission. Since 2015, Simona has been WP leader and Task leader for more than 10 EU projects funded by FP7 and H2020. As researcher and project manager, Simona leads and coordinates international teams towards the achievement of projects ’goals performing impact assessment and by defining strategies and advocacy to maximize project’s results. In particular, for the projects related to media and disinformation Simona works with European and Italian institutions for regulatory purposes and to create a bridge an exchange among different stakeholders. She is an active member of the Media community at European level. Since 2017 she follows the EU strategies on disinformation and misinformation, being initiator of the following EU projects on the topic: Social Observatory for disinformation and Media Analysis, Italian Digital Media Observatory, MediaFutures.