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With a twenty-year track record in pioneering the application of philosophical and linguistic theories of argumentation in the development of new artificial intelligence systems and applications, the Centre for Argument Technology at the University of Dundee will drive the work on repurposing structured analytical techniques from the Intelligence Community for fact checkers. The Centre’s recent work with the BBC saw advanced AI technology deployed in an application deployed to every secondary school in the UK with the aim of teaching pupils some of the skills required for recognising fake news (Visser et al., 2020) Visser, J. Lawrence, J. & Reed, C. (2020) “Reasong-Checking Fake News”, Communications of the ACM, 63 (11), pp38-40.

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Enjoy our focus group – 21st June and 22nd June 2023

In the frame of the EMIF funded project “Leveraging argument technology for impartial factchecking”, we are working on eliciting standards for impartiality and build a user-friendly digital tool to help fact-checkers in the process of information verification

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