University of Dundee

With a twenty-year track record in pioneering the application of philosophical and linguistic theories of argumentation in the development of new artificial intelligence systems and applications, the Centre for Argument Technology at the University of Dundee will drive the work on repurposing structured analytical techniques from the Intelligence Community for fact checkers. The Centre’s recent […]

University of Liverpool

The Department of Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool has a long-standing record of leading international research projects addressing social, political and cultural impacts of digital media and leveraging the results to drive policy and innovation. Recently, it has hosted projects developing new methodologies for enhancing citizens’ data literacies ( and teach citizens […]

T6 Ecosystems

T6 is a research and consulting SME with an interdisciplinary team devoted to applied research. The company, funded in 2005, has extensive experience in research and coordination of national and international R&D projects, most of them funded within the EC Research Framework Programmes. T6 carries out monitoring and impact evaluation on innovation processes; evidenced-based communication […]

Luiss Data Lab

The center, founded in January 2018, is located on the campus of Luiss Guido Carli University at Viale Pola 12. Under the direction of Livia De Giovanni and Gianni Riotta, Luiss Data Lab conducts research, analysis, and monitoring on disinformation and misinformation. The focus is on Big Data, new technologies, and digital transformation, with a […]