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T6 is a research and consulting SME with an interdisciplinary team devoted to applied research. The company, funded in 2005, has extensive experience in research and coordination of national and international R&D projects, most of them funded within the EC Research Framework Programmes. T6 carries out monitoring and impact evaluation on innovation processes; evidenced-based communication and exploitation and innovation transfer. T6 also supports the development of socio-technical solutions and human-centered innovations through user analysis, co-design and participatory policy recommendation development. What makes T6 different is the capability to look at innovation at the crossroads between technology, user acceptance and cultural diversity in the global implementation of its services. We see the integration of user-centred research within innovation and development projects as the missing link in making impact happen. T6 researchers have a long experience in evaluating socio economic and political benefits of research processes and outputs, having developed, and successfully tested methodologies and impact assessment toolkits for more than 10 Horizon 2020 projects. In its research activities, T6 adopts an interdisciplinary approach that combines and develops both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, following – when possible – the action-research principles. T6 is also in charge of community building, dissemination and communication activities for several EC projects, developing communication strategies adapted to specific target groups, this expertise supports also the work on impact assessment assuring that the assessment’s outputs are developed conspiring the need to communicate them to different stakeholders.

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