Mariavittoria Masotina

Mariavittoria Masotina is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool. Her research interests are in the Human-Computer Interaction field. She embraces a user-centric perspective and a mixed methods approach integrating qualitative and quantitative methods Mariavittoria obtained her master’s degree in Social, Work, and Communication Psychology at the […]

Simona De Rosa

Simona De Rosa (PhD) works in T6 Ecosystems where she is Director of the “Media and Creative Industries Research Department” leading policy analysis and impact assessment activities within research projects mainly funded by the European Commission. Since 2015, Simona has been WP leader and Task leader for more than 10 EU projects funded by FP7 […]

Andrea Nicolai

Andrea Nicolai is the CEO and founder of T6, a consulting and research company. The combination of a humanistic education and a keen interest in information and communication technologies has led him to a variety of work experiences in the field of media, strategic consulting, and local development strategies, with a focus on the impact […]

Simeon Yates

Simeon is the Professor of Digital Culture in the Department of Communications and Media at the University of Liverpool and Joint Director of the Digital Media and Society Research Institute. He has undertaken research on the social, political and cultural impacts of digital media for over three decades. A major focus is on projects that […]

Chris Reed

Chris Reed is Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Dundee in Scotland, where he heads the Centre for Argument Technology. Chris has been working at the overlap between argumentation theory and artificial intelligence for over twenty years, has won £11m in funding and has over 200 publications in the area. He […]

Lorenzo Federico

Lorenzo Federico works for Luiss Data Lab as a Data Science research fellow. His research interests are mainly related to the theory of complex networks and its applications to the study of social networks. His current activity is focused on the modeling of flows of (dis)information on Twitter, combining classic graph theory tools (community detection, […]

Livia de Giovanni

Livia De Giovanni is a Full Professor of Statistics. She teaches at the Department of Business and Management and the Department of Political Science at Luiss “Guido Carli” University. She is also the President of the Master’s Degree in Journalism and Multimedia Communication ‘Massimo Baldini’ at the university and the Director of the Data Lab. […]

Ayoub Mounim

Ayoub Mounim graduated in theoretical physics from the University of Turin and obtained a PhD in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory from the Federico II University of Naples. During his academic career, he also pursued a specialization in computer science. He is an expert in several programming languages and has obtained professional certifications issued […]

Gianni Riotta

Gianni Riotta is a Visiting Professor at Princeton University in the French and Italian Department, specializing in digital humanities, machine writing, social history, and visual history of Italy. Since 2018, he has directed the Master in Journalism and Multimedia Communication and the Data Lab Research Center at Luiss University in Rome, where he coordinates the […]

Federica Urzo

Federica Urzo graduated in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Naples Federico II. After her studies, she moved to Brussels to work for the European Commission in the Financial Market Department. In 2016, she became a freelance journalist. She has worked as a Public Affairs Officer in diplomatic circles and as a […]